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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Complete List of Creole Vowels and Sounds

Vwayèl Kreyol – Creole Vowels

a – auh, like in Cat (chat), bat (chauvesouri, to beat, to defeat), glass (vit) like in papa – dad; marasa – twins or jimo /jimel - twins
e - ay (1st 1/2 of long a in say) like in Kreyol ‘Ki jan ou ye? (how are you?)
è - eh (e in let, bet) Kreyol: Talò = Talè – in a few, in a short time, Vòlè - thief
i - ee (ee in see, week, seed)
o - o (1st 1/2 of long o in go) ; like in Kreyol ‘Dodo’ – baby talk for sleep
ò - (o in or, bore, core) like in Kreyol ‘kò’ – body; lò - gold
ay - i (i in ice, lice, rice) say ‘kay – house, bay – to give’
ou - oo (o in move, movie)

U is always used in combination with ou – (you), moun – person as in ‘granmoun – adult, grownup and timoun – child’ or in french-based words such as sèu / sè – sister

Nasal Sounds

an – like in Kreyol ‘kann – cane, ban – bench, ann – let’s)
ekzanp: dan (tooth, teeth), Jan (John)

en – like ‘en’ in

Ekzanp: mwen (me, I, my), Mennen – to lead
on – like ‘on’ in don't
Ekzanp: savon (soap), bonbon –sweet or any type of candies

in like in kreyol ‘machi-n – car, vehicle

a-n like kreyol ‘pa-n’ – breakdown, malfunction

ann / an nou – let’s / let us

Let’s take a look at the consonants:

Some Consonants -----

ch - sh in ship; like in Kreyol ‘Chache / chèche – to seek, to look for
g - g in good
j - s in measure; like in kreyol ‘ji /ju’ – juice; Jodi-a - today
s - s in soft like in kreyol ‘sak pase?’ – what’s up?
w - w in wind like in kreyol wi – yes (affirmative, declarative)
y - y in yes like in kreyol ‘Ki jan ou ye?’ – How are you; yè - yesterday

"c" and "h" are only used in the "ch" combination

Like in Kreyol ‘Chache / chèche – to seek, to look for

ch-share chache-to look for

ò -claw fò –strong/intelligent

e-aim ede-to aid, help

ou-you ou-you

è -leg mèsi-thank you

r-(not rolled) respire-to breathe

g-go gen-to have

I-see isit-here

s-(always s) prese-in a hurry

j-(avoid the d sound) jou-day

y-yes pye-foot

o-toe zo-bone

Fènwè/Fènwa net – blackout, obscurity

Nan mitan lannwit – in the middle of the night

Kok chanté bonè – the rooster crows early

Jennjan – young man

Jennfi – young woman

Granmoun – adult, grownup

Now try to say these expressions - Kounye-a, eseye di ekspresyon sa yo

Wi – Yes

Yo - they, them

Non No

Mèsi – Thanks

Anmwe! - Help!

Non, mèsi - No, thanks

Souple / tanpri – Please

Ou merite - You’re welcome

Pa gen pwoblèm - No problem

Oke / Dakò – OK

Eskize mwen - Excuse me

Mwen regret sa - I’m sorry

What is your name? - Ki jan ou rele?

What do you want? - Ki sa ou vle?

What are you doing? - Ki sa ou ap fè oubyen ki sa wap fè?

Sit down here – chita la-a

Stand up please - Kanpe silvouplè

Let’s stand up - Ann kanpe

Stop - Rete

Wait for your turn – Tann kou pa ou

Do it now – Fè sa kounye-a

Stop that – Suspann sa!

Don’t do that - Pa fe sa!

Give me that - Ban mwen sa oubyen ban-m sa!

Where does it go? Ki Kote l-ale?

Get on your knees – Mete ou ajenou

Go - Ale

Work - travay

Wait - Tann

Look - Gade / Fè atansyon

look at me – Gade-m

Listen – Koute (Koute Kreyol – Listen to Creole)

Hear – Tande

good job - bon travay

Very good - tre byen

No - non

Yes – wi

You are welcome – Ou merite / Padkwa

Excuse me- Eskize mwen

I’m sorry - Mwen regret sa

Yesterday was Saturday – yè te Samdi

Today - Jodi-a

See you tomorrow – Na Wè demen

My Name Is... Mwen rele

What is that? - Kisa sa a ye?

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